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God made man and woman and she/he made them equal. This is a politically correct statement appropriate to our times. But does equality necessarily mean similarity? Of course not!

Each of us is born unique and different. This is something we all like to believe. Every one of us wants to stand out in the crowd. But if we are so unique and different what are we doing in the crowd anyways? That’s simply because we need the crowd to define ourselves; to know there are others like us and to confirm that yet we are different. After all, we are humans not snowflakes.

How can one live with such a contradiction? In fact it is this contradiction that makes one meet other people, befriend them, perhaps fall in love and even get into a relationship. When we meet a new person, we look for something appealing or repelling in him or her and based on either of the qualities accept or reject the person. While consciously one may look at things like face, physical attributes, dressing style, mannerisms, etc, at a subconscious level one is analyzing the person’s behaviour and classifying it as per personal likes and dislikes. The decision we take depends on certain behavioural patterns.

The book is minus the astrology jargons and simply allows us to know ourselves and people around us better.

If you probe Human psychology we all set a few patterns. Someone asked me how one can classify people in 12 Zodiac signs only. But what we do not realize is that under each Zodiac there is 'Man' and 'Woman' and further each of them is either ‘Aggressive’ or ‘Passive’. And that brings the total to 48.

This book will help you explore and find out which of these 48 behavioural patterns represents your friends and you the best.

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