" Which city, is the best city in the world? Simplicity! "

Chetan Narain

President and CEO - Narains Corp.
Past President-India Institute Of Real Estate (2003 - 2007)
Here is a little about me.......... Studying Human behaviours has been my passionate hobby Since 1986. As my business is of Real estate, my introduction is of my professional background and modest achievements so far. A lot of folks who know my keen interest on human behaviours and Sun signs traits ask me if I am an astrologer, I wish to clarify, I am not :-) and nor can I predict or do want to predict the future. Why would I want spoil the surprises God has in store for you and me?

" The good thing about the future is, it comes one day at a time ".

I am a 'Property & Finance Consultant' in the city of Mumbai and here is my bio below:

A thoroughbred professional who is responsible for initiating and guiding the Group's foray into new realms of Realty. He is currently involved in assisting International developers and funds who are looking for opportunities in India and also providing solutions in International marketing. For more info check this link: World Connect Realty... http://www.chetannarain.com/World-Connect-Realty.ppt. Having been in business since 1988, he is equipped to handle all segments of real estate whether commercial, retail, residential, investment, or large development.

His avid quest to turn not just "NARAINS CORP" but also the fraternity of the Indian Property Consultants into a globally competitive force to reckon with, had rendered him the unanimous choice as President of the 'India Institute of Real Estate'. The IIRE plays a pivotal role in collaborating with the State Government to train aspiring Property Consultants and REALTORS(r). He served his term from 2003 to 2007.

Very well known among developers and clients alike in the segment he represents, he is constantly training his core team in order for him to focus on the long-term strategic aspects of the industry. He is a speaker on the National Association of Realtors USA and has been on the Executive Committee of the International Consortium of Real Estate Associations (ICREA-worldproperties.com) from 2004 - 2006.

He has also had the pleasure of assisting Urban Land Institute (ULI) during their study tour to India (Feb - 2007) and a seminar on Infrastructure held in Mumbai at the Taj hotel. In April 2007, he was invited by ULI to Shanghai for their 'World Cities Forum' and had the opportunity to address the members and visitors on opportunities and current scenario in India on Real estate development and Infrastructure front.

He also writes a fortnightly column for `Times Property' a real Estate supplement of Times of India and writes for the Economic times, and leading business magazines and other dailies. He is proud of his team and himself for providing property rates for residential properties in Mumbai to 'The Times of India.' See here: Mumbai Property Rates... https://www.narains.com/page/rates. He has had the pleasure of teaching 'Methods of Valuation for Residential and Commercial properties'.

Here are some photos and links to his achievements over the years in creating International relationships and Real Estate education related initiatives:

Methods of valuation ICREA IIRE NAR
Methods of valuation
National Association of Realtors®

Here is a link on the image below to his Column : 'Realty Check" - Times Property - Mumbai. (Real Estate news supplement of Times of India). He is also a speaker at various conferences in Mumbai and across the country. He has chaired few conferences on Infrastructure and Real estate theme. Here are some photos and links to same.

Is there anything more to him than his business and hobby?

Yes, he enjoys music of all Genres.... He is also a DJ and enjoys playing music for friends, family and himself and not professionally in public. He is also an aspirant photographer. He has a keen sense of humour so much so that in 1997 he almost wanted open a stand up comedy club in Mumbai. Here is a link on his corporate website which shows the lighter side to him:. 'Laugh a Little'.

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